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Welcome! On this website you will find all that you need to know in order to fully understand what a Web design is. If you are planning to have a website designed to promote your business, the professional services you offer, or to start a cultural or informative project, then you must know what Web design is all about. This is the only way to get a website that is truly successful and efficient.

The Internet is a new technology that has brought about a drastic change in the way people communicate and has become an excellent tool to exceed the time-space boundaries. Websites provide the possibility of broadening a company’s position in the marketplace, reaching worldwide audiences at a really low cost. This is why, during the past years, websites have become a commercially and communicational efficient instrument for companies and all kind of organizations. Users can make purchases, turn to customer services, complete forms, check catalogs, and get information about anything through websites. For these reasons, it is much easier for companies and customers to communicate. Because of the current high level of competitiveness and the broadening of the marketplace, any company that longs to promote its products and services, or boost sales and promote its trademark must have a website designed by experts.

In the following sections you will find a clear description about Web design and its three fundamental aspects: graphic design, Web development, and search engine optimization. Graphic designers are in charge of representing the essence of a company esthetically and in a communicatively effective way so as to create a very readable website. Many of these websites are developed in Flash technologies, Javascript and DHTML.

You will also learn how Web programming is a major element in Web design, since functional, accessible and user-friendly websites depend on this heavily. You will be provided with all the necessary information for you to understand the difference between static websites and dynamic websites, and the role script languages play –HTML and XHTML for static websites; for ASP dynamic websites, ASP.net (Windows platform) and PHP and Perl (Linux platform). We will be also dealing with Web optimization for being another aspect of Web design. For a website to be successful, it is crucial for it to be positioned in search engines, and the ones is charge of this job are SEOs (Search Engine Optimization Experts or Search Engine Optimizers).

We are certain that the information given on this website will allow you to hire the right professionals to develop and maintain your own website. A new commercial and information world has been created, and you must take part of it.

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