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For a website to exist, there are many aspects to consider: its graphic design, Web development, Web copywriting, SEO –Search Engine Optimization– and Web hosting. The aim of this page is to give you all the information you need about Web Hosting so that you know why this is so important to consider, and choose the best Web hosting service for your particular case.

When having your website designed, you need to be aware of the importance of Web hosting. Web hosting or Web host is a service that provides you with a space on a server for your website, Internet connectivity, and/or data center space. The possibilities, when it comes to Web hosting services, are endless. There are many companies offering this type of service. However, each company and plan offered is different. Not all Web hosting services offer the same advantages and, for this reason, you need to carry out an in-depth analysis of the available options so as to make the right decision.

Below we provide a list of the different types of Web hosting services for you to know their differences and take the wisest decision:

Free Web hosting service:

A free Web hosting is a type of hosting service that is generally advertisement-supported and whose functionality is limited. Free Web hosts provide a subdomain (e.g. Byethost), or a directory (e.g. GeoCities).

Free hosting general limitations:

Web design careersSmall bandwidth per month

Web design jobsSome types of files are not allowed (mp3, mpeg, zip, etc.)

Web designersObligatory placement of the webhost’s ads on Web pages.

Web hostingSome free webhosts don’t allow linking of files.

affordable Web hostingUptime guarantee is not provided.

Some free Web hosts can provide some extra features, such as file transfer (FTP), web-based control panel, scripting languages, free e-mail account, databases, and other features.

Shared Web hosting service:

this is a service that offer a space on a shared server. That is to say, different domains are placed on the same physical server. As many clients share the general cost of server maintenance, shared Web hosting services are the most economical option of paid Web hosting. This type of Web hosting service generally includes system administration and the provider is responsible for server management, security updates, and server software installation. If your Web application requires a great amount of CPU, RAM, or other resources, a shared hosting service may not be appropriate for your case. Shared Web hosting services are appropriate for medium size websites and e-mail domains, and can also be used for emergencies or as backup hosting solutions.

Reseller Web hosting:

reseller Web hosting is the service offered by the owner of a hard drive space and bandwidth who split up their share and resell Web hosting. Web hosting resellers contract with a hosting provider to sell their space under the reseller’s own brand name. Generally, this service is offered by companies who also offer graphic design and Web development services. This is very convenient for clients because they get a complete package that includes design, Web development and hosting at a low price.

Dedicated hosting service:

a dedicated hosting service –also dedicated server, or managed hosting service– is an Internet hosting over which the client has full control. That is, this type of server is not shared with other users and only one client can make use of it. This type of server is more advantageous as it is much more flexible than shared hosting and provides the possibility of full administration.

Virtual Dedicated Server:

this is a server that, although it is shared by many other users, provides the user the same possibilities as a dedicated service. We can say that virtual dedicated server, also known as Virtual Private Server, is somewhere between dedicated hosting service and Web hosting service. Clients have direct access to virtual dedicated servers. This service is appropriate for people in need for a customized solution.

Colocation Web hosting service and clustered hosting:

these are two types of Web hosting services that are not commonly used because of their prices. Generally, big companies and few other organizations make use of any of these two services. Colocation Web hosting service is a service that is similar to dedicated Web hosting service, except that the client owns the server. The Web hosting company takes care of the server and provides the physical space the server takes up. Clustered hosting service works by means of multiple servers that host the same content to ensure better resource utilization.

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