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For many small and medium businesses, websites are their only means to sell their product or services. This means that these companies are abstract entities that carry out their commercial activities through the Internet. Many other companies that are already recognized locally use the Internet to broaden the market or as an advertising tool. Whatever the use, you can’t do without a website these days.

Websites can represent every section of your business. You can include a catalog with the products you offer, description of their functioning, customer support, offer special promotions, and a shopping cart for people to make online purchases. The websites that have this latter functionality are called e-commerce websites and their main aim is to sell online. E-commerce websites allow companies to increase the number of sales and, as a result, profits.

The truth is that the majority of consumers are using the Internet more and more every day to buy whatever they need. They find it easier to do this as they know they can find whatever they are looking for on the Internet and that they can get it without even moving from their homes. Companies of all kinds offer their products and services on the Internet, allowing the availability of all type of product and services, from home flowers, to cars and houses.

Websites are the most effective way to gain more customers and increase profits, as they allow the sale of products to overseas customers without investing in new subsidiaries. With a website, a small company can reach further audiences, and gain profits by selling online. Today, everybody has access to the Internet. In fact, studies show that the Internet is being greatly used by consumers to make purchases and get information about products and services. If your business is in America, and you want to sell your products to European consumers, you don’t need to go there and open a new subsidiary. The Internet will allow you to sell your products and services all around the world.

But websites not only exceed space boundaries. With a website, your shop will be open all the time, allowing people from all over the world to make purchases at any time. Potential costumers will be able to access your website whenever they want, without having to worry about closing time. Considering that there are different times zones, it is important that a website works 24hrs a day, so that people from all around the world can have the possibility to buy your products and services.

If you have a business, you must have a website promoting your services and products that allows prospective customers to buy them. But, not only commercial websites –best known as e-commerce websites– are profitable for your business. Actually, Web catalogs or simple websites without shopping carts are also very advantageous. These types of websites allow companies to advertise their products on the Internet, giving millions of people the possibility of getting to know your products.

A website works as a permanent advertising on the Internet, which you can update whenever there is a production or prices change. They can include photographs and detailed description of products and services for the client to get fully informed about the advantages they provide. Unlike TV commercials, your website –a permanent advertising– will always be available for your existing and potential customers to access. This means that viewers will be able to take their time to analyze the products in deep.

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