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Many people ignore the importance of Web design. The truth is websites are one of the most important commercial and advertising tools for many businesses. Websites are used to sell and buy products. They also work as means to promote a product. The main difference between websites and other advertising tools is that they can cross all geographic and time boundaries reaching further audiences from all over the world at any time.

There are many advertising tools available today: TV commercials, brochures, street banners, etc. Most of these are very efficient, but they are not very profitable if they work in isolation. They generally need to work in conjunction with other advertising tools –advertising campaigns– to achieve the expected results. But campaigns imply big investments which many corporations can’t afford.

TV commercials are considered one of the most effective and efficient advertising means to promote a product or services because they provide audio-visual information. TV Commercials are much more persuasive than other means of communication as they play with our senses, causing a greater effect on us. However, television spaces are very expensive and generally, those who can afford paying for a television space, invest large sums of money on the commercial. This means that you not only need money for the space but also for the commercial itself so as to create a high quality piece, and to be able to compete with your competitors. Another disadvantage of TV commercials is that they are short-term advertisings. That is, they are temporal. When these commercials prolong for a long time, people get tired, and the advertising efforts end up being worthless and disadvantageous.

Printed material, such as leaflets, catalogs and flyers, have also their advantages: they include information that can’t be included on other advertising means. For example catalogs generally comprise full descriptions of a product, prices and special promotions. Unlike TV commercials, advertising stationary has a long-lasting life as people decide when to look at the pieces, and because of this, they don’t get tired of them. Apart from this, the information included in catalogs or flyers is usually information that can’t be found in other pieces, so these catalogs and flyers become valuable pieces of information that people tend to keep for a long time. However, printed stationary is generally part of advertising campaigns. They need to work together with other means to be successful and efficient.

The Internet is a new technology that has brought about a drastic change in the way people communicate and has become an excellent tool to exceed the time-space boundaries. Websites are more and more used by different business as advertising tools. Actually, they have become one of the leading means of communication in the last two decades. People are more likely to spend more time in front of a computer than to a television or radio since he Internet has become the most important information source. When it comes to products and services, websites are one of the most effective ways to advertise them as they can communicate ideas by different means: video, pictures, written content, etc.

With a website, a product or service can be fully described, showing all the advantages, uses, functioning of the product, and informing prospective clients about everything they need to know and answering all their questions. As an advertising tool, websites are very efficient since they are very accessible: prospective clients can gain access to your website at any time, from any part of the world. Investing in a Web design is the smartest thing to do as, unlike TV commercial, radio commercials and others, websites can last longer and its information can be updated whenever you need to do it.

Websites will allow you to advertise your products and services all over the world. The Internet crosses all time and space boundaries, allowing you to gain not only local, but also overseas customers. Getting a Web design as a way to promote your products will certainly lead to a significant boost to your profits.

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